Depression is when you feel all alone and you have no one to go to. So you try to release some of that by cutting yourself and you just try to do anything that will make you feel better. Even though it doesn’t helps. And it just becomes a horrible addition that you can’t help no matter what you try to do to quit. Until you tell someone like a parent or guarantee and they help you get some help. And trust me I have been in the same position and I know what you may be going through and there will always be someone there through even step of the way.

Ungrateful friends

Ungrateful friends are pain in the ass. They don’t give a shit when you are trying to keep them from making a huge mistake. And all they have to say is that the only reason you are doing it is to interfere. And some how they have everyone against you and your words. To me that is a ungrateful friend that doesn’t care about anyone except them because they always have to be correct